Welcome to Chowdhury Group official website – the evidence to our achievements.

We are moving forward with dynamism, guided by our vision for the continuous development of one of the most competitive industrial companies, with a strong presence in the economy. We believe the success and growth of our business can be attributed to consistency in terms of standards and policies and to the efforts of our supportive local and international partners. Furthermore, we have a very selective recruitment process that ensures our highly qualified staff and management is able to perform in accordance with our international standards. As a diversified group of establishments that maintains rigorous international standards in its many products and services we are in a unique position. This website is also a showcase for our achievements and information on our latest developments. We are very excited to share with you our experiences growing together with our partners around the globe. You will also get a sense of the responsibilities we shoulder – while sticking to a sustainable development path, we are also actively involved in social and public welfare, in order to give back to society.

We always strive to provide quality service; therefore we look forward to your feedback in order for us to continue on the journey of self improvement. We believe that only outstanding workmanship, superior quality control, effective safety methods and continuous development of our management profile and professional skills can bring about the desired results and our goal of customer satisfaction.
Managing Director & CEO
I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers/Partners, whose continued patronage and confidence inspires us to extend the best of services. Every time we opened a door, a new opportunity was waiting for us by leveraging our advanced knowhow, expert skills and steadfast commitment of my people have led to significant achievements! Chowdhury Group is always have been driven with the individual Spirit & Dream shown by our Late Founder & Chairman Badrul Alam Chowdhury. This website shall be the window to share our news and key business performances with you. This recognition reflects our commitment of doing what it takes to reach always the rising bar for sustainability performance within the regional and international market, expanding and refining our operations as we continue to attract with committed & passionate employees who want to help to achieve our goal. I encourage you to experience the caring attitude of our competent, dedicated employees who will continue to be the driving force behind our success and growth.
Thanking You
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Founder Chairman
(28th October 1937 - 17th July 2011)

We, at the CHOWDHURY GROUP, Believe that nothing is impossible if you apply your mind to it. This line of thinking has made us what we are today. A solid conglomerate of dynamic companies all of which are Growing at an incredibly fast pace, with rapid expansion plans that will make the CHOWDHURY GROUP a force to reckon with in Bangladesh’s Industrial Scenario.

The Spirit of adventure, overriding commitment to our goals in every area of activity. And, above all, Our uncompromising allegiance to quality conscious customer base enables us to not only meet their exacting needs but also base our future plans on the rapidly growing market for our products and services.

CHOWDHURY GROUP. Commitment to excellence. Down-to- Earth business philosophy. Linking technology and market needs. For the benefit of one and all, at CGC, We are well on our way to carving out more opportunities, more monopolistic positions.

Diversification of this nature comes naturally to CHOWDHURY. A GROUP with the mettle to succeed, whatever the field, a conglomerate that, in everything it does, always thinks big and thinks ahead.

But CHOWDHURY GROUP’S success story does not end here. Having achieved much, the group is moving onto bigger things. For a better and brighter tomorrow of global economy.