Our services cover all activities a vessel visiting port could possibly need, ensuring the shortest, most efficient stay possible.

Upon receipt of an agency appointment and prior to the vessels arrival we will:

Accept the appointment by e-mail advising you of the following information:

  • Estimated Port Disbursements
  • Expected Load / Discharge Port
  • Berthing Prospects based on the vessel’s ETA
  • Information to be relayed to the vessels master
  • Any other relevant port information.

Communicate with the Ship’s Master, outlining the following

  • Load / Discharge Port
  • Berthing prospects based on ETA
  • Hold cleanliness information
  • Customs requirements
  • Port information and restrictions
  • Port information and restrictions
  • Contact details of all staff
  • Communication guidelines with local Port Authority
  • Request Load / Discharge Plan.

Issue and complete relevant documentation for local authorities and service providers.

Update shippers, receivers and all port authorities of vessel’s ETA

Keep Master fully aware to port schedule and competing vessels which may affect berthing.

During the vessel’s port visit our services include:-

For vessels loading :

  • Ensuring maximum cargo is loaded within the contract tolerance
  • Ensuring vessels utilise maximum drafts available by communicating with shippers and port authority
  • Advising when the option of completing surveys at anchorage would be advantageous. This would allow any
  • Hold cleaning ordered to be performed by the ship’s crew and alleviate any additional port costs and delays
  • Liasing with stevedores and shippers to achieve a quick port turn around.

For vessels discharging:

  • Assisting with detailed planning of port/terminal rotation to achieve optimum vessel turnaround
  • Emplying stevedore labour when required
  • Attending pre-discharge survey with authorities when applicable
  • Ensuring availability of original Bill of Lading or LOI passed to all parties for approval.

Husbandry services:

Husbandry Attendance takes place at the most convenient time for the vessel, with consideration of cost efficient of delivery spares and services. A number of services can be performed, depending on individual customer requirements.

Apart from standard services these may include as follows:

  • Crew change
  • Arranging attendance of ship provedore for supply of provisions
  • Custom clearance and delivery of spare parts
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Assistance with any deficiencies found to ensure no detention order is issued.

After the vessel has completed its port visit and departed port we:

  • Immediately e-mail all loading documents in PDF format
  • Dispatch all loading documents by courier within two working days
  • Send owners a complete cost estimate within two working days
  • Dispatch disbursement accounts with original invoices as soon as possible
  • Ensure all contractors and service providers receive final payment on time

Retain relevant documentation for a minimum of 3 years.