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Welcome to the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Dhaka

Welcome to the official website of the "Honorary Consulate of Chile in Dhaka, Bangladesh".

From this site you will get detailed information about Chile, their heritage, environment, education, business, trade & investment. We have prepared this site to be user friendly so that you may easily navigate through it and find what you require regarding your requirements.

Enjoy your visit!

Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique

The President of the Republic of Chile

Asif A. Chowdhury

Honorary Consul of Chile

Message from the Consul

Visa Form

If you apply for a visa to Chile, you need to fill and sign the Application form.


Chilean Visa Requirements

Please find the attached checklist to apply for a visa to Chile.


Authority Letter

If you apply for a visa to Chile, you need to complete this Authority Letter.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all users of the new site of the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Bangladesh.

This platform provides a channel to information about Chile as well as access to the contacts and consular services that are available to those we serve.

The website of the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Bangladesh was created to respond effectively to all citizens who need to have simple and fast access to all information. Whether the information is related to obtain documents, services, schedules, investments or any requests about Chile, this site will enable us to support Bangladeshi & Chilean community and help those who need our services. My whole team and I feel much privileged to be able to provide this new information channel to all who ask our assistance. It is our goal to encourage contacts between citizens, gather suggestions and bring the community together for mutual benefit.

Your experience in using this site and your valuable opinions will help us improve what we are building for you here. We urge you to use this site to get to know Chile better.

Muchas Gracias!

Viva Chile!
Asif A. Chowdhury
Consul Honarario de Chile en Bangladesh