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Bangladesh Import & Export regulation

Bangladesh Import & Export regulation

June 26, 2019

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Due to the changing nature of business now a day customer service expectation from us is also changing. To meet the requirement of customer we offer trucking & warehousing services. Trucking service covers all of the inland point of Bangladesh. We are also able to accommodate any type of cargo with special handling requirement. Run our own trucks for collecting and delivering loose cargo in both sea and air. We offer dedicated warehousing services to our clients that helps them in easy handling of their import and export goods. The cargo and goods are easily segregated in a quick and effective manner that results in covering any unnecessary delay. The goods warehousing services are charged with reasonable prices on the basis of long term and short term usage. We follow a planned process and clients need not to worry about their stored goods.


The Customs Clearance Services offered by us to support in faster and hassle-free clearance of shipment. We support and guide our clients to handle the sensitive procedure of custom clearance with taking full responsibility. Understand that if the cargo is not cleared on-time it may result incurring un-expected loss. Each and everything is supported by fully computerized documentation and can guarantee you the best services at the most competitive rates.


Air freight is used when the transit of goods required within shorter period of time in their Customer’s premises. We will assess client specific needs, customized our air services and provide the best rate to customer for air shipment. We are equipped to handle all kinds of cargo – from garments, electronic chips and to delicate handicrafts and perishable food items. From small express shipments to large scale projects, our company is well equipped with the latest software and a large network across the globe, assuring your shipments are handled with the optimal care. Our staff is known for its extensive experience in handling all facets of air cargo logistics operations.


Now a day Consolidation is more than a cost effective supply chain solution. Consolidation means by grouping shipment with others to fill a standard container to avoid the cost of shipping an entire container on one’s account. The consolidated shipments receive the same benefits as full container load shipments with our world class logistics team, global network and local experts at each destination. Consolidation Services are the cost effective way to transport low volume cargo for shipments. We consolidate the package of a single buyer from different suppliers in one single container and deliver it as full container load. In Bangladesh We are the pioneer in term of Buyer’s consolidation. Basically we export Garments, Furniture, Tents, shoes, Bicycles, Toys, Industrial Hand Gloves, Towels, Accessories etc. Currently we are working with some renowned brand of the world like- Amazon, Abercrombie &Fitch, Canadian Tire, Mark’s Work Wear house, LL Bean, Forzani Ina International, , Giant Tiger, Studio Ray, MGF, BJ’S Wholesale Club Inc & Grainger Global Sourcing,etc.

We offer Full Container Load (FCL) service to our valuable clients. Based on client's instruction and demand we ensure full container load (FCL) services with the highest quality. We offer our customers different size of equipment like 20’STD, 40’STD, 40’HC and 45’ container.